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About Us - Loftland

About us-  Loftland

Since 2019, Loftland have established our brand on Amazon and Wayfair. To receive more feedback and understand our customers better, we receive more feedback from our customers, we are promoted our website, so our customer can reach us directly.
Loftland was built on the core belief that when you surround yourself with beautiful and intentional things, you create a beautiful and intentional life. And we think that is pretty darn important. So, we made creating that life more attainable and accessible. This accessibility to luxury in price, online, and in-home delivery, was a first in the high-end home&bathroom decoration world. In this way, and others, Loftland re-imagined, and continues to re-imagine, the industry in a lasting and, in our opinion, long overdue ways.

Loftland Abou Us

"At Loftland it all begins and ends with great design. But the innovation that happens in between is what allows us to succeed. We work tirelessly to find ways to keep fair pricing and the quality completely un-compromised. Then we made these luxury pieces available online and ready to deliver all over the world." shares Loftland Founder and Managing Director, Elaine Paige. "This access transformed the way that consumers interact with luxury furniture. In the end, our customers get quality pieces at a price and on a timeline that seems almost too good to be true... but it is. It's that simple and that significant."

Our consciously designed and priced, statement-making pieces combine with a dynamic business model that includes free-shipping, a 30-day-in-home trial, and more. It's no surprise that Loftland has been recognized as a leader in product innovation, distribution intelligence, and customer satisfaction. Our pieces can be found in the lobbies and suites of the finest hotels, condominiums, celebrity homes, and in our curated showrooms.

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