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How To Replace Loftland Matte Black Shower System? - Loftland

How To Replace Loftland Matte Black Shower System? - Loftland

Nowadays, almost every bathroom comes with a complete shower system, not just the shower faucet. However, several changes have been introduced in the shower system technology over the years, be it designs or working. That's why it is imperative to upgrade your current Loftland matte black shower system to a far more advanced one.

However, changing a shower system is not a piece of cake, especially when you have modern technology and design from a reputed brand like Loftland. So we have decided to shed light on a complete guide for changing a Loftland shower system with ease. 

But before jumping straight to the guide for replacing the shower system, we would like to make you more familiar with various parts present in such a bathroom technology system and under what conditions a replacement is needed. It will give you enough clarification that you need to have to perform the work with ease. 

What are the components of a bathroom shower system? 

A shower system is very different from a shower faucet. This section will describe all the significant parts of the system and the functions of each such part.

1. Shower faucet: The water faucet is mounted on the wall closer to the ceiling. Upon switching on the supply, water will fall over your head and body like a rain shower, drenching you entirely from head to toe. Several faucet designs have a different number of openings that affect the shower area and the water speed. 

2. Shower controls: The shower controls usually consist of different valves, fixtures, water pipelines, and taps. Using these controls, you will control the opening of the shower faucet, the water temperature, and several other such functionalities. 

3. Hand shower: The hand shower has a smaller faucet design that dispenses water faster than the overhead faucet. In addition, the hand showers are directly connected to the main water line so that you can control the speed with ease. Finally, due to the handheld structure, this particular component of a shower system is much easier to use. 

4. Body sprayers: These are new technologies you can find in some shower systems from Loftland. If you switch them on, water will be sprayed on your body like mist. It is quite a fantastic addition to the shower systems. 

Why does the Loftland matte black shower system need to be replaced? 

Before you start replacing the shower system, you need to understand the several factors that will affect your decision. This section discussed some of why Loftland matte black shower fixtures need to be replaced.

· When you use the matte black shower fixture for a long time without cleaning, the pores will get clogged. In most cases, these clogged pores can't be opened again, which requires a replacement. 

· Rusty faucets and hand showers need to be changed at the earliest because the rust can spread to other parts, which will damage the entire plumbing system in your bathroom. 

· Sometimes, you can see the tiles coming out or chipping from the edges. It means that the wall on which the shower system pipes are installed has become damp due to internal leaks. In such cases, you will have to replace both the shower system and the tiles. 

· If water is not getting dispensed from the faucet or the hand shower even after turning the valve, it means that it is not working. As a result, you won't be able to control the water flow. 

· Lastly, a valve system will control the shower faucets' cold or hot water flow if you have installed a shower system for different temperatures. But if the valve malfunctions, you will get cold water even after setting the temperature at a higher point. 

Step-by-step guide for replacing the shower systems 

If you think that changing the Loftland shower system with a matte black finish is a piece of cake, you are highly mistaken. Everything needs to be changed in a shower system, starting from the shower fixtures to the valves and other essential parts. And this solely increases the complexity and difficulty of the task. 

That's why in this section, we have given you a complete step-by-step guide. It will help you in changing the shower systems without any difficulty or hurdle. 

Step 1: Turning off the water supply 

Whether changing just a shower valve or the overhead shower faucet, you need to cut off the water supply first. Ensure that after the water supply is shut off, the pressure within the pipelines is released gradually. 

It will help you in dismantling different parts of the shower system with ease. Also, the risks of accidents will be reduced a lot.

Step 2: Removal of the old showerhead and faucet 

The next part of the work is to remove the showerhead. Use a set of pliers depending on the size of the connecting nut. Slowly turn the nut in an anticlockwise direction. If the nut is rusted, it's recommended first to lubricate it and then use the pliers to remove the nut. Once the nut is removed, you can easily take out the showerhead from the handle. 

The next thing you need to remove is the shower handle. Based on the connecting hardware present in the shower handle, you need to choose your tool. Usually, a screwdriver or an Allen wrench removes the entire handle and other associated parts until you reach the wall.

Step 3: Remove the old valve 

Your next task will be to locate the valve present inside the drywall and remove it. Usually, the valves are connected to a stringer which is mounted on the walls. So, while removing the valves, be careful not to damage the stringer and other parts connected to the valve. 

Now, as you will be replacing the old valve with a new one, you must choose the correct valve to dot your shower setting. If the valve is incorrect, you would not be able to make the connections correctly. Also, the choice of the valves will depend on the plumbing style. 

Step 4: Sweating of pipes for plumbing connections 

Sweating the pipes and soldering different parts using lead-free solder is the next step in replacing the shower system. Here, you need to take a long adapter pipe made out of copper and connect it to the female solder on the inside. Once done, apply a solder paste and use the torch to seal off the connection. 

The exact process needs to be done throughout the pipe system to ensure that no leak is present. You need to apply the solder paste on the inside walls of the pipes to lubricate the ends. It needs to be done to the valve system to insert the pipe into the adapter quickly. 

Step 5: Assembling the valve system

The valve will have different inlets and outlets with equal numbers. For example, two outlets correspond to the inlet if you have two inlets for hot and cold water. Once you have connected the male or female adapters to the pipes, attach them with the outlets and inlets of the valve.

If you gave male adapters, it needs to get connected in front of the top while a female adapter will be fitted inside the valve outlet. Make sure the connections are solid and sturdy to ensure the water flow speed and pressure. In addition, do check the stringer, and if possible, you can change it too. 

Step 6: Testing for leaks and openings

You need to check for leaks and openings before installing the new faucet handle and the showerhead. For doing this, you can turn on the water supply and use a gauge to check the water pressure. 

If the readings drop below average, it means that leaks are there or the sweating of the pipes has not been done correctly. You can use the solder paste and then the blow torch to secure the connection further to fix the issue. 

Step 7: Installing the new shower head and the hand shower faucet 

The last thing you need to know about replacing the shower fixtures once again is reconnecting the faucet handle and the showerhead. First, you need to install the handle using nuts and screws. Make sure the handle is connected correctly with the newly added valve system. 

Once done, install the showerhead by connecting it with the handle. Use the proper sized nuts to establish a connection. Also, make sure to use the suitable pliers so that the nuts can be rotated until they are tight enough to seal the parts tightly. 

Tools required for replacing a shower system 

Lastly, you need to check whether or not you have all the tools required for replacing the matte black shower fixtures. Following is a list of equipment pieces you need to have in your toolbox mandatorily. 

· Allen wrench 

· Screwdrivers having different cuts

· Pliers 

· Soldering blow torch 

· Solder paste 

· Cleaning cloth

· Normal wrench 

· Nuts and bolts

· Tube cutting saw 

· Hand drills

Final Words 

This article talked about how you can replace a showerhead and the entire system without calling a professional to perform the job. All you need to have is the basic plumbing knowledge you can gather from the tutorial videos or other similar pieces of stuff. As a replacement for the existing shower system, you can check the wonderful shower system collections at Loftland, especially those launched recently.

Product: Matte Black Wall Mounted Shower System | Loftland

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