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How To Choose Your Shower System?

Loftland Shower Systems

Whether renovating your existing bathroom or upgrading your house with a modern bathroom, you need to include several kinds of plumbing elements. Starting from a bathroom vanity to LED-lit mirrors are some of the most advanced systems that will make your bathroom look more fashionable and appealing. Different bathroom styles have different components. For example, you would not find a countertop washbasin in every bathroom or a marble bathtub. 

However, the one thing which is constant for every bathroom is the shower system. A shower system is the entire plumbing and hardware setup required for setting up a shower in your bathroom. Even though a shower system looks similar from the outside, several differences make every product unique. That's why choosing a particular system is a daunting task, which can sometimes become intimidating. 

If you plan to install a shower system, it will be better to have fundamental knowledge about this essential part of the bathroom. So keeping this in mind, we have explained in this article everything you must know to buy the best shower systems in the market.

What are the common types of shower systems?

To choose the best shower system, the first thing you need to know is the types of shower systems present in the market. Without knowing the types, you won't decide which one will suit your bathroom or will be within your budget limit. That's why, here in this section, we have explained the most common shower types that you must explore further.

Traditional shower system

This is the primary shower system where you will have a simple showerhead connected to a standard valve behind the drywall. For operating this shower system, you need to install the regular plumbing hardware, which may or may not have a mixing valve for hot and cold water. Moreover, this is the cheapest shower system type which is ideal for standard bathrooms. 

Digital shower system

Try out this digital shower system if you want to add advanced and more modern elements to your bathroom. Sleek and modern-looking shower heads and faucets are made from stainless steel or iron covered with corrosion-resistant color. For operating the shower system, you will have a touchscreen digital panel beside the shower setup. This panel can control every functionality, like temperature, water flow rate, and several other features. 

Pressure shower system

This is another new shower system technology to control the water pressure flowing through the pipes and into the showerhead. By changing the pressure, you can either have a leisure downpour where water streams will smoothly glide against your skin or a jet shower where you can feel the water streams piercing your skin like a needle. 

Electric shower system 

You can understand from the name itself that the electric shower systems need to be controlled using an electric system. To start the shower, you need to give electric power to the valves just like you do with other elements like lights, appliances, and so on. If you choose an electric shower system, make sure to install drywall and keep all the plumbing connections and structures behind it. The drywall will prevent electrical conduction through the water. 

Thermostatic shower system

In the thermostatic shower systems, you can set the temperature of the water at a constant value throughout your shower time. For example, suppose you set the temperature at a lower level below the average room temperature. In that case, the water coming out of the showerhead will have the same temperature without getting heated or cooled. This is the ideal shower system that you can install in your bathroom if you have kids. 

Smart shower system 

An all-new shower system that has been added to the list in the market is the brilliant shower. You can control the operations with voice, motion, and even through your phone. However, intelligent shower systems are the costliest, and hence, you must choose them only when you are particular about the budget and the maintenance expenses. 

What are the components of a shower system?

Now since you are aware of the types of shower systems available in the market, it's time to delve into this element. A shower system comprises several elements, so knowing about them individually will help you understand their working. 

In this section, we have explained the different components and their functionality. 

1. Showerheads: This is the shower system part from where water is dispensed. It's the central part that is exposed externally for you to see. There are several types of showerheads, starting with rain showers to LED showerheads. You can even find them in different finishing looks, like a matte black shower system head or stainless steel gold plated showerhead. 

2. Shower handle: These straight rods connect the shower heads to the valve system present behind the wall. They are usually made from cast iron with powder coating or stainless steel. In some cases, the shower handles are integrated with the heads, while others can buy them differently. 

3. Valve combination: Valves can be considered doors or controllers of the water flow through the plumbing lines in the shower system. Different types of valves are being used in the shower system, like mixer valves that allow hot bad cold water, stoppage valves that control the water flow, and pressure valves that alter the water pressure. 

4. Plumbing hardware: You need taps or knobs to control the valves' opening and closing. These are found in many different types, like a single knob system for switching the shower on and off, a mixer knob system that combines the hot and cold water, etc.

5. Handheld showers: You can understand that your hand can use showerheads from the name itself. They are connected to the main supply through a stainless steel pipe having a cast-iron tube inside. You can alter the water flow speed and the pressure using the knob connected with this shower element separately. 

How to choose a shower system?

Since so many different shower systems are available in the market, choosing the best system can be a real pain in the head. One wrong decision will result in a shower system that wouldn't match your bathroom style or meet your requirements completely. 

This is why we have decided to guide you correctly so that you can buy the best product suitable for both your bathroom and yourself. 

Showerhead type 

The first thing you need to look at is the types of showerheads available in the market. There are different types of head designs that you can get for your bathroom. Below we have discussed various types of showerheads, which have become quite popular lately. 

·      Rainshower: These shower heads usually have a sleek design with a square shape. They are more extensive than the standard heads, so the water flow rate is so high. In addition, the flow volume is also high, which will help in taking a shower with ease. 

·      Pressure shower heads: In these shower heads, you will control the water pressure using the valve system. Since the flow pressure can be controlled easily, you can either have a leisure shower or a speedy one. 

·      Wall-mounted showers: These heads are mounted on the walls, closer to the ceiling so that water can fall over your head from the maximum possible height. 

Valve system 

Next, you have to worry about the valve system you need to install for controlling the water flow pressure, speed, and direction. There are different valves available in the market, which you can get separately or with the shower system. Starting from mixer valves to pressure valves, you have to choose the most appropriate ones. The choice of the valve will depend on the functionalities you want to have in your shower system. 

Shower system type 

Thirdly, you have to focus on choosing the best shower system type. For this, first, understand the functionality of different types and their usability. In addition, you also need to check your existing plumbing system will be compatible with the new shower system requirements or not. Also, you have to consider the price because the more advanced the shower system, the higher will be the cost. For example, a stainless steel shower system will be less pricey than the brushes gold shower system.

Finishing look 

The next thing you need to check is the finishing look of your shower system. Several types of finished look like brushed nickel shower system or the chromium played stain steel shower system. You have to be very sure about the finishing look and check whether they are compatible with your bathroom looks or not. You cannot buy the system randomly without ensuring whether it matches the rest of the bathroom. 


With several types of shower systems now available in the market, you will have several options to choose from. All you need to do is follow the steps that we have examined above and study the various shower system components so that you don't have to face any problems while choosing one. 

Loftland is one of the best online stores from where you can buy the best shower systems. They have rain shower systems, systems including handheld shower, body sprayer included shower systems, etc. You can choose the best system based on what your bathroom looks like.



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