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Choosing A Showerhead Or a Shower System?

Choosing A Showerhead Or a Shower System?

Whenever it comes to the bathroom, the primary element which everyone is concerned about is the shower. The system makes the bathroom look luxurious, but it also allows you to take a bath under running water, which will help you relax a lot after a tiring day. A shower can be differentiated into a showerhead and a shower system, each having different components and functionalities. 

Also, you can differentiate both the shower heads and systems into various types, which will help you transform the entire look of your bathroom. That's why choosing a good showerhead or shower system is essential. This article will describe both the shower parts and all the details related to them and guide you to choose a showerhead or shower system.

What is a showerhead?

When you turn on the shower, the waterfalls from above like rain. The part from where the water stream is dispensed off is known as the showerheads. These come in various forms, based on the type of water jet coming out of the shower's part, the showerhead's shape, and the functionality. The head is connected to the water valves and the entire shower system with the help of a handle made from the same material as the showerhead. 

A single shower head is installed in ordinary bathrooms, which releases the water at an angle based on its orientation on the wall. However, in some cases, multiple shower heads can be installed on the opposite walls to create a water jet coming from different directions and being incident from different angles. Such arrangements are usually found in the luxurious bathrooms of penthouses, villas, mansions, and other places because, for installing multiple showerheads, the shower room needs to be significant. 

Types of shower head

There are several types of showerheads that you can add separately to create a fantastic look inside the bathroom. In addition, with so many different shower head types, it will be easier for you to match the head with the bathroom décor. We will discuss the most commonly used showerhead types that you can easily find in the market for your better knowledge. 

Wall-mounted shower heads   

These showerheads are mounted on the wall using a shower handle directly connected to the valves present behind the drywall. While installing the heads, a proper angle is maintained if the product is a fixed shower head. However, if you want to have a flexible shower, you can choose a head whose angle orientation can be changed. 

Rain showerheads 

Rainshower heads can be mounted on the wall or in the ceiling. The showerhead's surface area is quite big compared to the standard heads since the water dispenser will be natural rain. As the water comes out with high pressure, be very particular about the size of the head. 

Pressure-sensitive shower heads

You can understand that these shower heads are sensitive to the water pressure at the outlet pores from the name itself. Using a valve, you can control the water pressure with ease. In a low-pressure setting, water will fall with less speed, almost like a leisure stream. If you want to feel the water hitting your skin at a considerable speed, you need to set the pressure range at a higher value. 

Dual showerheads 

You will find a standard showerhead with a handheld shower fixed below it in these shower fixtures. When you turn on the tap, water will come out from both heads, thereby giving you an outstanding experience while showering.

LED illuminated shower heads 

In these showerheads, a special panel of LED lights is situated behind the water outlet panel. When you switch on the shower, the LEDs will glow, creating a wonderful ambiance in the bathroom. As mostly blue LEDs are used, you will be able to feel relaxed while bathing, especially at night. 

What is a shower system? 

shower system is a complete setup that you need to install for the shower to work correctly. In a showering system, you will find the following components, each having different functionality.

1. Showerheads: These parts dispense the water through the outlet pours, having a certain pressure that can be changed. 

2. Shower handle: These are long, hollow rods that connect the shower heads with the valve system. Thanks to the handle, the showerhead can be installed at an appropriate angle. 

3. Valves: In the shower system, the valves act as one of the essential parts. Its mechanism is to control the flow and pressure of the water through the pipelines connecting the showerhead with the main controlling taps. 

4. Hand showers: These showers are directly connected with the taps through an internal valve system. You can hold the showerhead in your hand and enjoy the water jet against your skin.

5. Shower faucets: The shower faucets are nothing but the taps connected to the shower heads and the valves. You will get several designs for the faucets like the knob faucets, flap faucets, long-handle faucets, and so on. 

Types of shower system

Just like the showerheads, the shower systems can also be divided further into several categories. Based on the functioning, the shower systems can be categorized into the following sections.

Manual shower systems 

These are the standard shower systems where the water can flow from one particular tap only at a time. So, either you will get cold water or hot water. If you want to enjoy a mixed temperature, you need to buy a mixer shower system with valves fitted inside for both the hot and cold water tap. 

Thermostatic shower systems

In the thermostatic shower system, a separate thermostat will be added to the system to keep the water temperature consistent. Hence, no matter how hot you need the water to be for other taps connected to the same supply, the shower water temperature will stay the same as set by the thermostat. 

Power shower systems

If the inlet water pressure to your house is below the threshold level, you can install the power shower systems. A booster pump is connected to the water supply to increase the incoming pressure to the optimal level. Power systems are suitable only if the water pressure is below the average level. 

Digital shower systems 

One of the most innovative shower systems that you can get in the market is a digital system. Here, the shower water pressure, temperature, and several other functions can be controlled using the touch-screen control panel, installed on the shower's wall. 

How to choose a showerhead? 

Choosing a showerhead is not a piece of cake, especially when you have so many options in hand and no assistance present. Since making a choice is so complex, we have explained some of the most critical factors you need to consider. 

1. Material: The first thing that you need to consider is the material of the showerhead. There are several options available in the market like stainless steel, nickel-plated iron heads; Chromium-plated heads, etc. Make sure to choose a durable material so that it can last for the longest time possible. 

2. Type: Next, you have to consider the type of showerhead that you want to install in the bathroom. Be it the rain shower or the pressure-sensitive shower head, and you need to choose the one you can fit inside your bathroom without destroying the existing décor. 

3. Water outlet pressure: You need to ensure that the showerhead you choose is ideal to handle the water inlet pressure. If the water pressure is more, you will need a showerhead whose outlet pores are wide enough to don't feel the water streams be like needles piercing through the skin. 

4. Size: Based on the size of the shower system, the water jet coming out of the showerhead will vary in speed and flow area. You need to ensure that the shower head's size is ideal for your bathroom so that you won't have to turn around several times to wash your entire body. 

5. Finishing looks: The next thing you need to know is that the shower heads are available in different finishing looks. You can choose a plated look or a colored role from glossy to matte black shower fixtures. 

How to choose a shower system? 

To choose the best shower system, you will have to consider the below-mentioned factors that are very important and shouldn't be missed. 

1. Shower system components: The first thing you need to consider is the components of the shower systems. The showerhead, handle, and valves are the three main components. Additionally, you can choose a handheld shower, wall water sprayers, and several other accessories. 

2. Type: Make sure to choose the proper shower system ideal for your bathroom. For example, if the inlet water pressure in your house is below the average level, you can install the power shower system. 

3. Cost: Shower systems are pretty costly. Hence, you need to choose the system set carefully so that you won't have to waste too much money on the bathroom essentials. 

4. Shower valves: You need to check the valves controlling the direction and pressure of the water flowing through the connection system through which the water reaches the showerhead from the main supply. 


In the above article, we have discussed everything related to the shower systems and showerheads. Based on their functionalities, you need to choose the more important element and suitable for your bathroom. Before selecting, make sure you know the bathroom décor, the existing plumbing system, and the requirement list.



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